How do I schedule?

You can contact me via email, FB message, phone, or simply click the "Contact Me" link above to get your session scheduled.  Please review my website to choose from my Senior Sessions and see what fits your needs.

Phone- 812-798-2299



Do you give digital files?

YES!  All my sessions include high resolution files delivered to you in a PASS gallery.   The digital files are simply downloaded to your computer from the gallery for your own personal use.  I do not charge extra for this and simply comes with your senior package.  You will find out more about PASS in just a few moments. 

I am scheduled… what can I do in the meantime?

Once we schedule, you will find on my Website a senior portrait questionnaire.  Please fill this out because it will help me prepare for your session and help me customize a senior session tailored to you.  I have a style guide that is available upon request.  The Senior Style Guide is an AMAZING resource for styling.  It will help you to choose clothing that fits your body type, colors that go well with your skin tone, how to put together different looks, and even the stores in which you can find that style.  Should you have any questions regarding your session or styling please contact me.  I can’t stress enough how your clothing choices and overall styling impacts the look of your session.  Also, review my tips for your senior session located on the senior tab of my website as well.  These tips will ensure you look flawless for your photo shoot.  When it comes time for your session, please arrive on time and dressed in your first outfit.  Arriving late will eat into your session time. 

Session Day

We will fit in as many outfit changes and locations as the time allows.  Once your session is completed, within 1 week, I will send a proof gallery to you for you to view.  These images will not have been retouched.  You will select the final images you want retouched and delivered for your final gallery.  (Selecting your final images is easy and I will send instructions at that time in how to do it.)  Images not up to my standards are deleted.  I would never present you with a bad photo.  Once you select your images to be edited from your proof gallery, allow 2-3 weeks for final delivery of your gallery.  I do work hard to get your final gallery to you sooner.  The images are presented to you in a PASS gallery.  I LOVE PASS!!  Here is some information about PASS. 

What is PASS?

PASS is a beautiful online gallery of all your high resolution edited images.  PASS was designed for sharing.  It allows you to share images to be uploaded to FB, Pintrest, Twitter straight from your online gallery. You can even email images to family or friends who might not use social media sites.  Also, all high resolution files can be downloaded to your computer in one simple click for your own personal use. Therefore, there is no need for outdated DVD's and USB drives.  PASS allows instant access to your photos as soon as I am finished editing your session.  I know the last thing you want to do is wait to view your photos and with PASS you don't have too!

How do I create a PASS account?

Once I am done with your gallery, I will send you the link to your gallery.  Just click on the link.  Once you click on it you will be able to view all your photos in a beautiful collage style gallery.  In order to order prints and access some of the other great features PASS offers, it will ask you to login through your email or FB. 

Can I order prints?

Yes! PASS has partnered with WHCC, a wonderful professional lab that provides prints in several popular sizes at a negotiated low price.  Prints sizes and prices include wallets in a set of 8 for $4, 4x6 for $1, 5x7 for $2, and 8x10 for $4 and 11x14 for $7.  They also have amazing quality premium gallery wraps in several sizes as well.  With prices this low, you can literally have prints of all your favorite images without breaking the bank and they are from a professional lab so you get top quality! You order your prints straight from your gallery and your prints will be shipped directly to your door step in just about 5-7 business days.  Just simply hover over the photo you wish to print.  You will see an icon pop up that is a shopping cart.  Just click on it and select the print sizes you would like to order.  It really is that simple. Keep in mind, most prints have a crop.  You can manually crop from the gallery the way you want it.  If you don’t, it will do a center crop for you as a default.  If you desire prints in others sizes that PASS not offer or want specialty products such as collages, photo books, accordion books, etc. just contact me via FB, email, or phone and I can order just about anything you would like from the amazing lab I use.  I recommend ordering prints from PASS due to the professional quality and low prices.  It really can’t be beat. 

How long will my PASS gallery last?

PASS guarantees your gallery will stay active and viewable for at least 10 years with secure backup in a cloud so you never have to worry about losing your images.  Your images are safe and secure with PASS. 

Are there any other features PASS has that I would want to know about?

Of course!  Each PASS gallery has a guest book in which friends and family can sign or write you a note regarding your gallery.  You can save your favorite images to your favorites in order to make ordering prints easier.   Also, download the PASS iOS App. Have an iPhone or iPad? Visit the App Store and search for PASS.  Voilà!  Your gallery is now in the palm of your hands on your mobile device 24/7! Lastly, PASS offers a password protection feature in case you do not wish your gallery to be made public. In this case, a password would need to be used to access images.  I will simply just send you the password when I send the gallery. 

Do you give RAW files?

I do NOT give RAW files.  All images presented for final delivery will be retouched and edited.    

What happens if I want more images than what my package comes with?

No problem… You can purchase any additional digital files for $20 per image or just upgrade to the next package. 

What if is raining the day of my session?

Weather is unpredictable, so if it is raining, we will just reschedule.

Besides PASS, what are my options for prints and how do I go about getting prints and products. 

You have 3 options for prints.  1. Order through PASS.  2. Order through me.  I use a pro lab and can get anything you need.  3.  You will have the high resolution digital files from your session so you can order through your own place of choice.  I suggest Mpix.  I cannot guarantee quality of prints through other labs.  It is always best to use a pro lab. 

I would like to see an example of a PASS Gallery.

Of course.  Here is a link to a Senior Session PASS gallery.  

Do you have a Studio?

I do not have a studio.  Not having all the overhead of a studio allows me to provide top quality images at a lower price.  Being able to produce great images at a price point in which my clients can afford is important to me.  Although I love the look of outdoor sessions, I can shoot indoors and have shot at places like the coffee shop, library, barns, ect.   If you have something special in mind for your session, just let me know. 

Do you Travel for Sessions?

Yes.  I will travel for session and love shooting in new locations.  I do charge for travel outside a 10 mile radius of Linton.  The fee is .50 per mile. 

What can I incorporate into my session?

I get asked all the time about bringing pets, best friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, sports equipment, instruments, books, ect to the session.  Bring whomever and whatever you would like for your session.  This is about representing you.  So bring it on!